Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Settling into Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is amazing.
I am soo excited to be spending (at least) the next 5 months here!
I am living in a sort of crummy old building however it is about a 5 minute walk from the shuk (market), and is surrounded by various amazing shwarma and falafel shops, as well as random other electronics, home and clothing stores.  Basically we're in the center of the city and it is awesome!
So I may have told some of you that my internship fell through..however it is sounding like they actually did make space for me and that I'll just be working about 3 days a week.  So things are looking up!
Tomorrow I should be finding out what's going on with that.
Tomorrow as well we're going to this organization to hear them speak/have a look around that deals with migrant workers and refugees I believe which should be pretty interesting!
And on the weekend I'm going to Herzliya to visit Jenni for shabbat!
Anyways that is pretty much all for now!
Miss you all!

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