Monday, January 31, 2011

En Route

Hey guys!

So I did it!  I figured out how to make a blog!  After trying for hours (ok maybe not hours, more like a few minutes before giving up) to figure out wordpress.

Anyways, after a little mishap at the Seattle airport (I left my laptop at security...typical)  I have made it to Philadelphia!  I had a very chatty man on the plane next to me, which was nice for the first 10 minutes or so, but then I had to drone him out with some Lil Wayne.  The poor guy had nothing to do because he was counting on watching the in-flight entertainment, but this flight of course had none!  I was also counting on that to pass the time, but luckily I had my ipod and a few magazines handy!  Aside from the chatty man, the flight was fine.  No turbulence at all and the time seemed to go by quickly.

Now I have to sit back and relax for 5 hours, until I board the plane to Tel Aviv.  So fun!  I will update soon after I've arrived in Israel