Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back at it

OK so I'm going to try this again!
Sending huge ass messages to everyone with all my life details is getting tiresome so I figured its time to go back to the blog.  Also my friend here has a really kickass blog and its pretty inspiring.

So obviously by this point I'm all settled in here.  I honestly cannot tell describe how amazing it is here!  I am in love with Israel and sort of never want to leave (although clearly I'm going to..I recently moved my flight to the very beginning of October!)

I've decided to go work on a kibbutz when I'm done this program, probably only for 2 months just to get a taste of the kibbutz life.  It should be interesting thats for sure seeing as I'm not the most outdoorsy gal.

My job is pretty awesome I am loving it.  Sometimes it gets really boring but my coworkers are sweet and my secretary and boss are also pretty great!  They're super young: my boss is 25 and the secretary I think is 24.  My boss is really fun but also quite strict.  So even though we sometimes get in trouble, it is worth it for the opportunities we get and the people we meet.  The MK who I work for (MK = Member of Knesset, which is the same as an MP) is really outspoken and often disagrees with the Prime Minister who is from the same party as him, which actually means he's really going places.  I think he's amazing at rallying support its so cool watching him speak, although half the time I don't understand because its in Hebrew.  We did get to go to an English speaking event though where he talked.  Anyways ya its just super cool that I work for/ sort of personally know such a successful MK who may just be the next prime minister! (Well maybe not next but somewhere down the line...)

By this point we have had quite a few tiyuls (weekend or day trips) that have been really interesting, like a dialogue seminar with Israelis at Ein Gedi, which is by the dead sea.  I went to the so called "beach" there but didn't go in the water...I remember last time I was here I was disgusted by it and it was painful because its so salty so I definitely dodged that.  The seminar was really cool though, I met some really nice Israelis!  It was great to meet locals and hear their stories because I mostly hang out with people from abroad.

Tonight I'm going to Poland on a Jeff Seidel trip.  It will be really intense and really sad but most definitely a life changing experience.  I'm going to see a lot of concentration camps, the Warsaw Ghetto, the factory from Schindler's list, and more.  So I'm getting excited for that for sure.

Hmm what else to tell.. I've been spending lots of time at the beach, it is getting really hot here.  I got the worst sunburn ever recently on the back of my legs it was horrific but it's gone now the peeling has stopped.  OH i also went to Jerusalem the other day and went to the kotel.  It was just insane because it is Passover and I guess loads of people want to be in Jerusalem for Pesach (who knew?) so I had to push people to get close to the wall and be able to put a note in a crack.  It felt sort of weird being so unholy but you gotta do what you gotta do.

O also I should mention that I had a super cool Passover experience for the seder.  I went to my friend's family friends place for the seder.  They live on a former kibbutz near Haifa.  The seder was fab!  They made their own Haggadahs which I thought was really cool, and there were a lot of lone soldiers there.  It was interesting to hear them talk about their army experiences.  Also for the afikomen, they organized a scavenger hunt instead of just hiding the matzah in any random spot.  It was a lot of fun!  He also gave us all notebooks afterwards, as well as scratch cards, and I was the only one to actually win anything from the scratchcard!  I won 20 shekels!  So exciting!  We stayed overnight after the seder, and spent the next day there.  The dad gave us a tour of the kibbutz, and took us to see the cows that they have.  Sooo gross.  I was clearly not a fan and quite frightened but it was still interesting to see!

OK I should get going I still have some Poland prep to do.  Oy vey.