Monday, January 31, 2011

En Route

Hey guys!

So I did it!  I figured out how to make a blog!  After trying for hours (ok maybe not hours, more like a few minutes before giving up) to figure out wordpress.

Anyways, after a little mishap at the Seattle airport (I left my laptop at security...typical)  I have made it to Philadelphia!  I had a very chatty man on the plane next to me, which was nice for the first 10 minutes or so, but then I had to drone him out with some Lil Wayne.  The poor guy had nothing to do because he was counting on watching the in-flight entertainment, but this flight of course had none!  I was also counting on that to pass the time, but luckily I had my ipod and a few magazines handy!  Aside from the chatty man, the flight was fine.  No turbulence at all and the time seemed to go by quickly.

Now I have to sit back and relax for 5 hours, until I board the plane to Tel Aviv.  So fun!  I will update soon after I've arrived in Israel


  1. AHHH! That is so exciting!
    Praise be to Weezy for your safe journey!

  2. so glad you figured it out and that you are safe. Good job with the page, looks fab!

  3. Bahah had to laugh when I saw your blog's URL. Nice background! They are "olla's" right? They're always in my crossword :P Love!

  4. reeebs you make me smile - "left my computer at security...typical" - i love the background and the blog! looking forward to reading and creeping on your travels! travel safe miss you!

  5. I have nooo clue what the things are Janelle! I just thought it looked middle east ish!